SPIRITUAL (Vow-Renewal/Minister) Ceremony

A non-denominational Minister ceremony, while not legally valid, can be an essential part of a beautiful wedding ceremony in Puerto Vallarta.

Spiritual Weddings (minister or renewal of wedding vows) are commitment ceremonies that are not legally recognized in Mexico (or any other foreign country). It is a gathering together in a celebration of love with friends and family who offer their blessing and support and is an extremely powerful act that cements the bond between loving couples.

Young or old, straight, gay or lesbian, this is a beautiful act of commitment.

For celebrants wishing a Spiritual or Non-Religious ceremony to celebrate their wedding, we provide the same caring and compassionate service as for traditional weddings. Vallarta Weddings by Monique understands that even without a legal document, the ceremony, which publicly declares your intent and commitment to each other and reflects the uniqueness of your relationship, should be designed to your own specific tastes and requirements. Each couple receives a Marriage Certificate authenticated by your minister or spiritualist as a beautiful and memorable keepsake.

There are three basic reasons for having a Vow Renewal ceremony.

First, a renewal may be held on a significant anniversary (10, 20, 25, or 50, for example), as part of the anniversary celebration. These ceremonies are often a celebration of a marriage that works.

Second, gaining in popularity among couples, is a formal renewal ceremony following a previous civil wedding ceremony or elopement. For some couples, this is the opportunity to have their commitment to one another blessed by the church and/or witnessed and celebrated by their family and friends.

Finally, some people chose to renew their vows because they were so caught up in the planning and the partying of their first wedding, they felt the focus of the day was taken off of the ceremony.

No matter your reason, Vallarta Weddings by Monique would love to help you with your plans.

Note: Please present evidence of your marriage - bring along your marriage certificate.  

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